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Random from Things For Me

All the artwork and writing Deviants have done for me. They all deserve some special love and attention :-) so go check out their artwork, it's worth it! :heart:

You Think I Care Stamp by bizarrostamps You're not fat, ugly, or dumb by thundybear Your Size by Its-An-Inferno NOT really emo.... by WierdoChan

Newest Deviations

All of my OC's are tossed into a world together. Who would be the anti-hero? (Comment with why) 

3 deviants said Alistair Chibi Alistair by blacky91
1 deviant said Nathany Chibi Nathany by blacky91
1 deviant said Vilvana Chibi Villy 02 by blacky91
No deviants said Adrian Chibi Adrian by blacky91
No deviants said Blacky Bitch, I'm Fabulous by blacky91
No deviants said Dave I've Been Waiting For You by blacky91
No deviants said Laela Evil Needs Love Too by blacky91
No deviants said Nasira Pride Bookmark - Nasira by blacky91
No deviants said Shadya Chibi Shadya by blacky91
No deviants said Other (please leave a name)


blacky91 has started a donation pool!
3,240 / 5,000
I don't do ART for free by Exileden

WIP's and 'Coming Soon's':

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Characters as Dragons
Loki The Dragon by blacky91
Iron Dragon by blacky91
Thor the Dragon by blacky91
Hulk Dragon by blacky91
I will draw any and all characters (doesn't matter if it's a Canon, FC or OC) as a dragon, but with no background. You may decide on certain details and you have an input on the pose.
Sacred Lineart 01 by Death-TendencyAnime Couple Lineart 01 by Death-TendencyChibi Lineart 07 by Death-TendencyAnime Girl Lineart 12 by Death-TendencyAnime Girl Lineart 07 by Death-TendencyAnime Girl Lineart 06 by Death-Tendency

Lineart of any kind. I've set a limit of 8 point commissions and as usual there is no limit to paypal commissions. Paypal commissions would cost 1$ or 2$ for extra or special requests (or if you'd like 3 or 4 people/animals in the picture)

Points: No background, 1-2 characters, up to full-body, no animals
Paypal: No background, 1-4 characters, up to full body, animals (cats, dogs and horses)
Female Pose 11 by Death-TendencyCouple Pose 01 by Death-TendencyDragon Base 01 by Death-TendencyBondage Base 01 by Death-TendencyMale Pose 06 by Death-Tendency

I will draw a base either of a picture that already exists or as close as possible to the pose you wish for me to draw. Only points are possible with this type of commission and the limit are 8 requests.
I do naked (no nipples or genitals), clothed, male and female bases. Even mature ones (so with nipples/genitals) as well as chibi, anime or a realistic body shape.
Please no animals besides Dragons and please no more than three people for every base.
Chibi Commissions
I've Been Waiting For You by blacky91
Chibi Shadya by blacky91
Chibi Villy 02 by blacky91
Vilvanas Innocence by blacky91
Chibi Adrian by blacky91
I'm offering chibi commissions of canon's and OC's -no animals please-

here are some examples of what my chibi's look like:

And I will allow a maximum of two characters in one picture and this offer is not limited to those 4 deviations, but I will accept a maximum of 4 point commissions, preferably I would like paypal commissions for 3-4$.

New Design...

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 17, 2014, 6:40 AM
I have to be honest... it sucks major ass. Besides the fact that the design itself is absolutely horrific it takes FOREVER to load! My internet is already rather slow, but holy bloody hell, I waited four minutes for my freaking front page to load and it BARELY had a little over half of the featured deviations -.-' seriously, DA, if you're going to do a new design, do one that's compatible for people who don't have five million gigs download speed a second... I have like 200mb a second and that's on a good day, so yeah... thanks... now I have even more trouble with this page...

May I also point out they should spend more time fixing major issues rather than doing a 'New & Improved' design for their webpage? And I'm not talking about minor bugs like deviations not popping up in inboxes and so forth... I mean trolls, ridiculous waiting times for non-premium members and going back to the old submit system? Oh yes... and hashtags? Really? This is NOT Twitter... stop trying... just do your own thing and get rid of the hashtag nonsense....
On this point, I also wish to say that the old design was perfectly fine and a lot more user friendly. Who puts important things like messages on the very top right corner where they are easily overlooked yet the less important things like 'daily deviations', 'what's hot' and 'watch feed' is centered... I'm all for things getting more exposure seeing how most people on this site watch others in hopes of getting a watch and turn off all the notifications... it sucks and it's annoying, so it's nice to have a watchfeed -which again, one can just turn off single users and groups, so it's honestly a bit pointless...- but my suggestion would be that if you watch someone you HAVE to have at least one option turned on... so you could turn everything off except journals, or everything except deviations, but what do I know, hm? It's not like I know anything about running a site... whatever.

To get back to that 'watch feed'... what is the purpose of knowing what deviations the people I watch put into their favorites? That is one point I absolutely don't get... why would I care what some famous artist I may watch added to their favorites? Chances are they add things to their favorites from fandoms or whatever that I don't even like, just because I like their art, doesn't mean I like the same things they do... stop it... get rid of that nonsense and do something practical.

DA could really do with better customer support, while premium members get rather good support the non-paying members are almost completely ignored... I've been witness to more than one occasion where someone was being trolled on this page and they had to wait three to four weeks before getting a reply and they turned to a premium member and asked them to submit a complaint and they got a reply two days later. I also don't quite understand why trolls aren't being banned? I don't mean general trolls or harmless ones that people call trolls because their opinion is different or because they actually tell you what's wrong with your deviation or what you can do better, I mean those who go around calling women sluts, cunts, bitches, whores and whatnot for simply being a woman or because they draw nudity -or in this case, have nude pictures taken of them- or those who blatantly insult men as faggots, gays, losers and so forth for being different or for only drawing male characters or whatever reason they have... these are the people where 'blocking' them isn't enough, they'll find ways to continue harassing you until you can't take it anymore... 'I' have it easy, I actually can ignore and not care about these sort of things, so even if they make a dozen new accounts to 'troll' me, I will either just politely reply to piss them off or continue to ignore them, it doesn't affect me, but not everyone is like that.
A lot of people -especially artists of all ages, sizes and skill levels- are very sensitive to cyber bullying like this and basically DeviantArt does absolutely nothing about it... making them wait weeks if they don't pay for a membership and then giving them the piece of bollocks advice of 'just block the user'... obviously they have never been bullied before, it's not that easy if you truly are a victim of mass bullying or one massive jerk, but oh no, instead of trying to actually help the smaller members or the victims of bullying that is happening ON this site, they worry about new designs for the front page and the submit page... or new ways of showing daily deviations or top deviations by already famous artists who obviously don't need MORE exposure since they already get a thousand clicks every bloody minute.

I am highly disappointed in both the design and the DA staff for this massive insult that looks are more important than the general community, it's always about making popular artists more popular and finding ridiculous ways of getting more people to pay for prints and memberships... Shame on all of you.
Well, I'd probably have more to rant about if the damn pages would actually load now, but I haven't gotten past the front page, the watch feed and my messages... I haven't even been able to load a single deviation... so... yay....


PS: By the last comments, I do not mean to insult any artist that is on the front page or popular or anything, you DO deserve the attention and my point was not aimed at you, your works or anything else involving you, it was purely aimed at DA's terrible exposure system.

CSS by Icy-Marth
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Julie Ott/Blacky
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm 20 years old was born in Florida, raised in Germany and parents are still arguing about if we shall stay... or move to North Carolina.
I speak fluent English, German, moron and smart ass ;-) love history and old cultures (Ancient Greece- Egypt- Rome) science and art. I also love to draw, write and tell stories. I listen to hard rock, punk-rock and metal all day long and in general I'm a kind person and easy to get along with, but beware I have a very dark, fucked up, twisted and evil side. (muhahaha)
Short tempered, sweet, adorable, proud, always has an open ear for problems and I tend to whine a lot if I'm in a bad mood or in pain.
I love showing off whatever parts of my body is worth flaunting in public, I'm bi-sexual but prefer guys. I am engaged to the most amazing guy ever and have the best friends anyone could ask for.
I... believe that's all ha ha *rubs back of neck* yes I like to talk a lot too... buuuut if you still have questions about yours truly, just ask me, I'll answer pretty much any question, no matter how personal.

My dearest fiance n_n


Mah Real Life Friends: (In no order)

:icondarkhell616: :icontheone1986: :iconblackmisumi: :iconfallenangel0707:

Mah DA friends: (In no real order)

:iconegyptiankitten: :icongrinningflowers: :iconshehrozeameen: :iconchardove: :iconthreatningroar: :iconscythr: :iconxxluulagoocallagasxx: :icongalm03: :iconjennyeight: :iconsethsia: :iconstoryteller2010:


Morissette by SNKallen

I'll start with the good points and then get into the bad ones. What I do like about this piece is that the coloring technique isn't to...

Watercolour vs Copic (Red-flanked Bluetails) by Carcaneloce

This is really cute and wonderfully drawn. The colors are bright, strong and work together perfectly. I also like the shading technique...


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